Dr. Paris R. vonLockette

Dr. von Lockette's work is rooted in the structure property relationships of elastom;ers and elastomer composites. He has received funding from the National Science Foundation for the study of piezoelectric-rubber composites for vibration isolation and control; for the acquisition of an atomic force microscope to study the mechanical response of rubbery composites and materials at the nanoscale; for x-ray tomography and diffraction systems to study the micromechanics of magneto-active composites; to examine multi-field active materials for Origami Engineering; and, most recently, to develop cutting-edge 3D printing technologies.

SPIE Spring 2019 Conference
March 2019
SMASIS Fall 2019 Conference
September 2019


MRS Fall
December 2019 



Our group (the MACS LAb) along with Dr. Zoubeida Ouanies (PSU) was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a 3D printer capable of producing components with multi-material properties from a single constituent set.