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Surprise Anniversary Messages
for Niki and Paris'
20th Wedding Anniverasary

Hello Friends

This page is from Paris von Lockette, of “Niki and Paris”, or otherwise known as Niki Dickerson-von Lockette’s husband. I hope this message finds you and yours safe and well in these unprecedented times.


As luck would have it, Our 20th Wedding Anniversary is this year, August 5th. As you might also know, we love to throw parties, but that is not in the cards at the present. 


So, I thought I could enlist some help in making our 20th anniversary a big thing after all.


I’m writing to friends of ours to ask if you could make a short cell phone video, voice mail,  send a text(to me and not her), or write a note for our anniversary? You could talk about how you know us, relate a funny story, reminisce, let us know how you are doing, or just say hi and happy anniversary. It’s completely up to you. We’d just like to hear from you! 


My plan is to compile your messages and surprise Niki with them for our anniversary.


And, to keep it simple (because we all have enough to deal with) we can do it all electronically. You can take a close up pic of hand-written notes, send text/email messages, text videos, etc. . You can deliver it all to me electronically. If you’re game, everything can be sent either to...

856 625-7332   or

If things could get to me by the July 29th, that would give me time to compile them. I’ll send everyone who wants it a link to the compiled product.

And remember, it’s a surprise. Thanks so much for participating!!!!!

And, and if you’d prefer regular mail, I’ve even set up an alternate PO Box so that things don’t come to our house. Send regular mail to…

Paris von Lockette,
19 Colonnade Way
Suite 117   PMB#: 114
State College, PA 16803

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